Vitamin B Deficiency from Hormone Imbalance

Vitamin B Deficiency Causes Neuropathy (Nerve Disease - Burning and Crawling)

When women become Estrogen Dominant, they become Vitamin B-6 deficient. This vitamin B deficiency causes a neuropathy or nerve disease. The woman may have a burning sensation or creepy crawling feeling on their legs or arms. This is called Restless Leg Syndrome. Since Vitamin B is water soluble, there is not too much danger of over dosing on Vitamin B. If too much vitamin B is taken, it will just be urinated out. Just take a wide spectrum Vitamin B-100 in the morning. Do not take it just before going to sleep. If you take Vitamin B before going to sleep, you will get vivid dreams.

If women are slightly deficient in vitamin B6, they may be more likely to have carpal tunnel syndrome. Pain and tingling in the wrists describes carpel tunnel syndrome after performing repetitive movements or straining the wrist. Vitamin B6 was shown to be constructive in two small-scale clinical studies for carpal tunnel syndrome, especially when no trauma or overuse cause for the carpel tunnel syndrome can be found.

Vitamin B6 has long been touted to help premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Most studies confirm that women taking B6 supplements have decreased bloating, breast pain, and premenstrual acne flare, a condition in which pimples break out about a week before a woman's period begins. Pyridoxine supplementation, taken ten days before the menstrual period, stops most pimples from forming. Vitamin B has a role in hormone and prostaglandin regulation. Skin blemishes are caused by a hormone unbalanced system. Vitamin B6 helps regulate the hormone unbalanced system.

Mental depression can result from low vitamin B6 intake. Because of pyridoxine's role in serotonin and other neurotransmitter production, supplementation helps depressed people feel better. Mood improves significantly. Memory in older adults may or may be improved by Vitamin B-6.

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