Estrogen Dominance causes Hair Loss and Weight Gain through Thyroid Receptor Desensitization

Hypothyroid Picture with Normal Thyroid Blood Levels Caused by Estrogen Dominance

Hormone imbalance that is caused by estrogen dominance means that you are getting too much estrogen relative to progesterone. This causes decreased sensitivity to thyroid hormone. The thyroid blood levels are normal or low normal. You look hypothyroid though. You have thinning hair and fat on the belly and hips. You try to exercise. You try to diet. But nothing seems to work. This is because the primary cause of the extra fat is endocrine. The primary cause is NOT calories in and calories out. You must correct the endocrine imbalance problems before dieting and exercise. Otherwise dieting and exercise makes no difference. What good is it going to do if you diet and exercise and then your hormone imbalance is telling your body to bulid up fat.

1. You have hair thinning.

2. You may have fat on the belly and hips.

3. Temperature is low at 97F something instead of 98.6F.

4. Thyroid blood tests are normal or low normal.

You may feel sluggish with no energy. Your doctor may conclude from the normal thyroid blood test and send you away. If he is smart, he will give you some thyroid hormone and you will feel better. But if he is really smart, he will tell you that xenoestrogens, chemical estrogens, and phytoestrogens in your environment is causing a hypothyroid clinical picture with normal thyroid hormones. It is the xenoestrogens, chemical estrogens, environmental estrogens and phytoestrogens that are causing estrogen dominance (too much estrogen). This estrogen dominance causes a hypothyroid clinical picture WITHOUT LOW THYROID HORMONE. And why does estrogen do this? Estrogen Dominance does this to signal to build up fat for the pregnancy. It does this by lowering your body's sensitivity to thyroid hormone. You become less sensitive to thyroid hormone with too much estrogen.

1. Your body is less sensitive to thyroid hormone when you have too much estrogen.

It is the imbalance of too much estrogen that causes your body to become less sensitive to thyroid hormone. It is the body's way of building up fat for the pregnancy.

Why do you have too much estrogen? You have too much estrogen because some chemicals just happen to look like estrogen to your body. Your body is fooled by estrogen look alikes. These foreign estrogens could be synthetically made chemicals found in everyday laundry detergent, soap, shampoo and cosmetics. Or plant estrogens called phytoestrogens can be found in "health food" store cosmetics and toiletries.

I found out after several years that it is not what you eat that is a major player in Estrogen Dominance Imbalance, but it is what you put on the skin. In fact, anything you put on the skin is 10 times the potency of what you take orally. This is because anything you put on the skin is directly absorbed into the body. However, anything you take orally is prefiltered 90% by the liver. So laundry detergent is critical. However, organic food and non-organic food is not critical for this disease. This was surprising.

As a side note, laundry detergent when put in a tank of baby trout made the males grow up looking like females. Even laundry detergent bought from the health food store made my patients sick increasing their breast tenderness before their period and increasing their weight gain before their period.

Furthermore, after the age of 35 estrogen dominance gets worse for most cycles, but not all cycles. This is because for most of the cycles, the woman has anovulatory cycles and is not producing progesterone. Progesterone balances out the estrogen dominance, if and only if the woman is not getting too much estrogen from her environment.

During a regular cycle, a woman usually produces both estradiol and progesterone. Many follicles start on the ovary, eventually one follicle dominates. The follicle produces estradiol. The follicle pops like a pimple and pops out an egg. The used follicle, now called a corpus luteum produces progesterone. This is a normal cycle before the age of 35. Both estradiol and progesterone is produced in the normal cycle before the age of 35.

After the age of 35, for most cycles, but not all cycles only estrogen is produced. This is part of the reason for estrogen dominance imbalance. The woman has a normal cycle and period as far as she is concerned. However, what is happening at the hormonal level is most different.

After the age of 35, for most cycles, follicles begin to grow. Estradiol is produced by the follicles. However, the follicle does NOT pop out an egg. the follicle just goes back down. No corpus luteum is produced. If there is no corpus luteum produced then there is no progesterone produced. Thus, after the age of 35 for most cycles, but not all cycles, a woman just produces estradiol. No progesterone is produced. This results in Estrogen Dominance.

The after age 35, absence of progesterone, and just estradiol is one of the reasons why the body becomes less sensitive to thyroid hormone. The body hormones are unbalanced. This leads to weight gain around the hips and belly. This leads to thinning hair. This leads to hypothyroid with normal thyroid hormone blood test levels.

1. Chemicals in every day toiletries can look like estrogen.

2. Certain herbs can look like estrogen, they are common in health food store toiletries and cosmetics.

3. What you put on the skin is 10 times in potency to what you eat.

4. Laundry detergent is a big contributor.

5. After the age of 35, most cycles produce estradiol and no progesterone.

6. Estrogen Dominance or too much estrogen causes your body to become less sensitive to thyroid hormone.

7. Despite normal thyroid blood tests, the woman gains weight on the belly and hips, has thinning hair, and has lower temperature. She looks hypothyroid with normal lab tests.

The solution to thinning hair and weight gain is to take progesterone cream, and avoid xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens in your environment. Go to this website and get the free list of xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens with any order of progesterone cream.

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